Banc Sabadell is the fifth Spanish private capital banking group.

It sought to redefine its online presence, from its corporate digital strategy, to new 2.0 tools and actions linked to sponsorships.

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We began with an investigation to understand the complexity of this challenge and empathize with the different people who are users, one way or another, of Banc Sabadell. From the private client, to the investor who needs access to the group’s website to check their preformance, to the journalist who needs information about the this quarter’s results or the tennis lover who does not miss the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.

Inspired by the bank’s own image, the work of Mario Eskenazi, and the resounding contrast between typography and photo in the bank’s campaigns, we began to lay out a contemporary, intelligent and flexible visual system for digital media.


After the previous analysis, everything converges in an online strategy: different points of contact with the client with their corresponding briefings of needs. A new website for the Banc Sabadell Group, a digital press room, smartphone apps for the tennis tournament or interactive elements to boost the conversation on social networks with the bank were some of the ideas we passed to prototype and validate the UX / UI with real users.

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We developed a modular visual system that makes information more accessible by simplifying it and transmitting the brand image. We diversified the online presence of the banking group, bringing us closer to previously unconsidered users such as journalists or investors.

“We redefine the online presence
of the 5th largest Spanish bank”

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