More than 30% of the Colombian population lives far from a big city. In these areas, only 1 in 10 households have access to the internet, creating unequal opportunities.

The Ministry of the Presidency of Colombia contacted us to bridge this digital divide by creating a new communication channel between the citizen and the president.

“We strive to bridge the digital divide of all Colombians with their president, regardless of their stratum.”

We connect the president
with journalists and citizens.

Conectamos al presidente
con periodistas y ciudadanos.


We face a organizational paradigm change within the Government.
To do this, we analyzed Bogotá’s current structure of the government communication team, which lead us to redefine some of its processes and even the organization chart itself.


With users as the focus of our service, we co-created new artifacts such as a digital press room and an app that connects citizens with their president. This app enables citizens to check their agenda at all times, access all their speeches and news or even, in the case of journalists, requesting an interview.


The President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, referred to the Infopresidencia app as one that “strengthens the Presidency’s relationship with the citizen”.

We bring Casa Nariño
to all of Colombia.

Strengthens the Presidency’s
relationship with the citizen.

and strategic design

In GRAND we design services with a people-centered approach. We delve into the motivations and needs of users from an empathic perspective to find intelligent solutions and design memorable experiences.

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