The Al Hokair group, leader in the Middle East with more than 75 leisure and entertainment centers in Saudi Arabia, arrives to Europe, opening its first space shopping center in Spain.

Shopping trends are changing, which means that shopping centers will stop being limited to retail and will start betting on leisure.

Adrenaline as entertainment.


If we think of a trampoline park, usually a children-oriented space comes to mind. Without a doubt, they are a very interesting audience, yet sometimes their presence is marginalising for adults and teenagers.

Are there leisure options for adults? What alternatives are there that offer both entertainment and fitness, apart from the usual gyms?


Our research is paving the way to new sport trends rather than to a playground environment.

We need to design a relevant concept that brings brand value in itself and involves memorable experiences for its customers. It should satisfy unfulfilled needs of both the shopping center in which it is located and the set of stores and restaurants, bringing new value to the area in which it is placed.

Focus on fitness / active

Experience makes the difference

Break the age division

Brand value 80
Business growth 94
Positive impact in the area 70






After research focused on potential users, we found inspiration in parkour and urban culture.

The visual codes and messages launched by the brand should be as fresh and daring as their customers. Even when addressing children, they are treated as adults. Evoking action and jumping, but also the flexibility of different ways of entertaining.


In Europe, we have created and continue to create a concept of active leisure park that transcends trampolines and reinvents urban sport in a safe and comfortable way.

In the next year, 10 other centers are expected to open in Spain and Portugal, and by 2022, it prepares its expansion to the rest of Europe.

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