One of the world’s leading industrial gas companies, part of the Mitsubishi group, and the most important in Japan, is now present in 13 countries in Europe.

But a brand is not just a logo. And a brand of industrial gases is not just the tanks they sell. It is each point of contact with its more than 100,000 external customers as well as its 2,700 employees in 13 countries in Europe.

Creating a new brand at a European level.


In a market of extreme competition, Nippon Gases could not continue competing based on what products it sells, whether it be gases, equipment, facilities or technologies, but what services it provides.

That is why we had to start to talk to, listen to and sympathize with gas professionals and create from that knowledge.




How to make oxygen, nitrogen or any other gas tangible?

We design a visual system that humanizes the brand through the daily use of gas, and allows to explain in a simple way certain complex industrial processes.

New codes and channels focused on your final user.


Since the beginning, we sensed that the brand should have a human feel, that gave value to the close treatment of the commercial network and to the know-how of its equipment/team (me imagino que team pero por si acaso) , but also the ability to explain technically complex details.


From the initial research, we realised that the Japanese origin of the company was perceived as something very positive in this sector.

That is why small details such as natural textures or rational and minimalist spatial design, give the brand a differentiated personality.

and strategic design

In GRAND we design services with a people-centered approach. We delve into the motivations and needs of users from an empathic perspective to find intelligent solutions and design memorable experiences.

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