Platea is the largest gastronomic entertainment center in Europe. 6,000m² in the heart of Madrid that involved an investment of more than €60,000,000 in a space where a cinema once stood.


Our goal was to design the new service offering, investigating through co-creation workshops in space, objects and especially in the people that determine the user experience.


After a preliminary diagnosis, we analyze the booming sector of gourmet markets. We empathize with the values of the different types of customers, which allows us to define the moments of consumption. This affects the whole business model, which gives us a change with respect to the opening model, thus guaranteeing its profitability.

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One of the great conclusions of this process was to determine the “Principles of Design” of Platea: some guides that will help us to make decisions in the set of experiences that make up the brand.






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“An innovative business model that creates value for operators, brands, customers and the city itself.”


Since its opening, more than ten million people have passed through Platea.
An innovative, lively, commopolitan and integrating space through which some of the greatest representatives of the Spanish avant-garde have passed, such as the Michelin stars Pepe Solla, Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán, Ramón Freixa and Ricard Camarena. Which adapts to the needs of each individual or corporate client, having already been chosen by major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Master Card or Twitter.

After its opening in 2014, Platea has gone from being a new project in the city of Madrid, to being one of the flagships of national and international cuisine.


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and strategic design

In GRAND we design services with a people-centered approach. We delve into the motivations and needs of users from an empathic perspective to find intelligent solutions and design memorable experiences.

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