and strategic design

We are a service design consulting firm made up by people who feel great passion and esteem for what they do.

We find solutions to problems and help fearless companies search for new ways of satisfying clients through research and innovation.

We are by your side during the whole process -from the dawn of the strategy to the final execution– helping you create products, services and experiences that are truly useful, relevant and memorable for your users.

Because we care about people and we care about your business.

We challenge what’s conventional
through our focus on people

Go through it again

Who are you seeking to attract? Are you covering a crucial need? Are you taking into account your clients’ expectations?

At GRAND. We put ourselves in your users’ shoes to understand how they think and what they need. It’s the best way to design products, services and experiences that your clients are crying out for.

Do you want to take a chance?

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