Carbon neutral world by NSHD

We developed the global sustainability strategy - carbon neutral world - of Nippon Sanso Holdings

A new strategy that brings a new era to the holding, which for the first time involves all the members of the group present in 31 countries to communicate together the same message of sustainability, redefining the company's DNA and its long-term mission in the industry.


Nippon Sanso Holdings


Sustainability and technology

Digital transformation
Carbon neutral economies are imposed as a more advanced and sustainable model, which is why it was necessary to promote and communicate the new global strategy.
Closing the distances of the project

We collected the experience of the company in its 4 geographical centers: Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia/Oceania.

GRAND designed and facilitated this strategy, in which all interested parties participated in order to gather the necessary knowledge to understand the dimension of the holding company; fourth largest supplier of industrial and medical gases that operates worldwide.

Ecosystem analysis

An in-depth investigation with stakeholders from all over the world.

What are the main objectives. How will we measure the success? For whom is it directed? How should the journey be? These were some of the questions we needed to answer in order to have an overview of what the strategy and the global campaign needed to spread it should be like, as well as the holding company’s expectations, now and in 2050.

5 pillars set the base

The essence of all technologies and the strategy itself.

We order the catalog of present and future services and technologies to create the structure and meaning of the strategy, condensing into 5 pillars that we represent through visual metaphors of natural processes, trying to avoid talking about specific technologies that could get old quickly.

A claim for the future

Carbon neutral world embrace all the technologies and services that NSHD can offer now and in the future.

The concept and the claim are based on the sense of unity of the holding company with the purpose of making a global campaign that aligns the 31 countries where the holding company is present. A world of possibilities and carbon neutral options that we must take to improve the planet.

Reducing CO₂ emissions for the future is vital for today’s generation.

A contemporary visual proposal

Quality 3D images and videos to evoke sustainability and timeless technology.

Glass has the ability to refract, reflect and transmit light from a immaculate, carbon-neutral future. A lens through which you can see the world as we imagine it. This material is present in all the elements of the campaign, the web and other visual elements, such as the explanatory videos for each sector.

A clean and unprecedented design system

We create a website based on a contemporary and futuristic imaginary, far from the norm of the industrial sector.

A didactic communication of carbon neutrality, providing data that justifies the steps towards the objective of a society without carbon emissions in 2050, and trying to avoid technicalities. The carbon neutral world website transmits a global message that has an impact on customers, potential investors and also employees, who see that the future depends on caring for the planet.

carbon neutral world
estrategia de sostenib
nshd strategy
A new language to talk about technology

Scrollytelling on a journey towards a carbon neutral world.

The information layers were designed like the layers of the atmosphere themselves, creating a metaphor to present how NSHD brings solutions to the real world, attracting new potential customers from the most abstract to the most concrete, but without ceasing to be timeless.

Setting a new standard

A spot that metaphorically shows how technologies work to reduce the carbon footprint.

The spot represents the technologies with which NSHD helps its clients through analogies that mix processes present in nature with said technology. A revolutionary and unusual language for a sector accustomed to more traditional forms.

Through a CGI animation, we go through the different spaces of a spaceship from the future, where each room represents a pillar and has its unique environment. The sound design was specifically composed creating an atmospheric sensation that accompanies the viewer through a journey.

3D by Noisegraph Studio

With this global strategy we help one of the biggest gas companies in the world to meet the sustainability goals for 2050, getting closer to the future.

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