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The Ministry of the Presidency of Colombia contacted us to solve the existing digital divide between rural areas and large cities.

More than 30% of the Colombian population lives far away from a big city. This fact, added to a fragile intercommunication system, causes a great inequality of opportunities between the different areas of the country. We create a new communication channel between the citizens and the president.


Government of Colombia


Digital transformation
We solve the digital divide among Colombian citizens, regardless of their stratum, connecting the president with journalists and citizens.

Our first objective was to understand the needs and fears of each of the parties involved.

It was essential to understand the day-to-day life, priorities and needs of such a specific segment of the population.

In Bogotá, we analyzed the current structure of the government communication team, which led us to redefine its own processes and even the team’s internal organization chart.

We build user personas and archetypes based on the inputs we obtained from the users themselves, which helped us to identify pain points, opportunities and fears.

Relation between Colombia's Government and citizens
Colombian farmer
Juan Pablo, Farmer
50 years

We are forgotten. No one is counting on us, or at least that's how I feel.

Bogotá Journalist
Marta, Journalist
28 years

I need to be able to access information from the Presidency more quickly, and for it to be truthful.

Colombian housewife
Manuela, Houseperson
32 years

The issue we have here is that the message doesn't get through. I don't know the aid of the Ministry.

Government digital press room

We carried out several co-creation workshops.

We involved staff from the presidential communication team as well as potential users of our solution from different locations.

With all this, we defined ‘The Government’s Digital press room’ and an app that connects citizens with their president, being able to consult their agenda at any time, access their speeches and news or even request an interview when it is a journalist.

We bring Casa Nariño
to everywhere in Colombia.


The President of the Republic himself, Juan Manuel Santos, referred to the Infopresidencia app, assuring that it “strengthens the relationship of the Presidency with the citizen.”

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