Extreme Park

Al Hokair, a leader in the Middle East with more than 75 leisure and entertainment centers in Saudi Arabia, chose us to open its first leisure space in Europe.

Shopping trends are changing and this means that shopping centers need to stop limiting themselves to retail to start betting on leisure.


Al Hokair Group


Service design
Spatial design
Are there any leisure options for adults? What alternatives exist to entertain and get into shape, besides the typical gyms?
  • Puerta Venecia
  • Extreme Trampolin Park intu Puerto Venecia

Our research marked a path that was closer to the new sports trends than to the language of the playground.

We designed a relevant concept that adds value to the actual brand, creating memorable experiences for its customers and satisfying the unmeet needs of the shopping center in which is located, as well as the group of the nearby shops and restaurants, increasing the value of the area.

  • user journey
  • benchmarking
  • user personas
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  • average customers
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  • user interaction
  • design principles

competitive and challenging, we like to improve and challenge ourselves


inspired by parkour and city culture in general


it is aimed at athletes, but also children looking for fun or families and friends


because the fun ends if there is any risk

Conclusions of the psychological analysis

After this research focused on potential users, we found inspiration in parkour and urban culture.

The visual codes and messages sent by the brand had to be as fresh and daring as its customers. Even when the brand addresses children, it treats them like adults. To evoke activity and jumping, but also the flexibility of different ways of entertaining.

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Extreme park

The future of leisure is active.

In Europe, we created an active leisure park concept that transcends trampolines and reinvents urban sport in a safe and comfortable way.

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In the next year, another 10 centers are expected to open in Spain and Portugal, and by 2022, it is preparing its expansion to the rest of Europe.

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