We defined from scratch the value proposition of the space, its management model and the visual and brand identity of the most important restoration complex in Spain.

Platea is the largest gastronomic leisure center in Europe. 6000m² in the heart of Madrid with an investment of more than 60,000,000€ that was launched without a realistic return plan.


Platea Madrid


Service design
Spatial design
An innovative business model that creates value for operators, brands, customers and the city itself.

We redesigned the space offer and the management model of each one of the Platea stores.

Investigating through co-creation workshops with the different partners of the project, we looked into desirable services, products and experiences that a space with these characteristics needed.

For this, we not only attended to the needs of the stakeholders involved in the project, but also to the city map itself and the characteristics of its location and target.

Scheme the plants of Platea

After this, we analyzed the booming sector of the gourmet markets.

We empathized with the values ​​of the different types of customer, which allows us to define the moments of consumption. This affects the entire business model, which gives us a different perspective from the opening model, guaranteeing its profitability and cohesion.

One of the key conclusions of this process was to determine Platea’s “Design Principles”: a guide that would helped us making decisions based on the set of experiences that shape the brand.

  • Lamp detail
  • Curtain
  • Platea vault
  • El Patio from Lázaro Rosa Violán
  • Armchair and other furniture in Platea
  • Wooden slats
  • El Club sofa in Platea
  • El Foso
A cosmopolitan space

Since its opening, more than ten million people have been in Platea.

Some of the highest representatives of the Spanish avant-garde, such as the Michelin starred Pepe Solla, Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán, Ramón Freixa and Ricard Camarena. A space that adapts to the needs of each individual or corporate client, having already been chosen by major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Master Card or Twitter.

  • Cocktails in Platea
  • Aerial dance
  • Decoration of El Patio
  • Innovation in Platea Madrid

Platea has become one of the flagships of national and international gastronomy.

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