Nippon Gases

We accompany the most important industrial and medicinal gases company in Asia in the development of its business and positioning strategy in Europe.

Nippon Gases, part of the Mitsubishi group, needed to establish itself in 13 European countries. An established and competitive market with a strong brand vision quite different from Japan's.


Nippon Gases
Mitsubishi Group


Service design
In 2015, we became the strategic partner of the Japanese group to co-create business strategy and identity of Nippon Gases in Europe.
  • Gas cistern
  • Niño terapia respiratoria

In a market as competitive as the industrial one, we are committed to redirecting the brand's own discourse.

Rather than focusing on the products they were selling, such as gases, equipment, facilities or technologies, we help Nippon Gases to identify their unique services.

In order to do this, it was necessary to speak with gas professionals, listen to them, empathize and create from their knowledge. The brand needed a human tone, which could give value to the close treatment of the commercial network and the know-how of its team, but also the ability to explain details with a certain technical complexity.

Gas as a service

How to make oxygen, nitrogen or any other gas tangible?

This new approach affected our work at all levels: from communication strategy to the reorganization of brands, products and services. Because an industrial gases brand is not only the tanks and cisterns that they sell, it is each point of contact with their more than 150.000 external customers as well as their 3.000 employees in 13 European countries.

  • SWAT Analysis
  • User persona
  • Security project
  • Portastar
  • Mission, vision and values
  • Key value
  • Visual inspiration
  • Positioning Air Liquide, Linde, Praxair or Messer

Proudly Japanese.

During the research phase, we detected that the Japanese origin of the company was perceived as something positive by users, employees and intermediaries, which is why it laid the foundation for the brand during the design and development phase. This is something that has remained present in all the projects we develop with Nippon Gases to date, such as the restructuring of its portfolio and redefinition of the names of the gases, equipment and services they use.

  • Photoshooting
  • Stand tradefair design
  • Brand sound
  • Brand manual

A global company that develops tailor-made solutions through gases, driven by innovation and safety.

From strategy to tactics

We designed a visual system that humanizes the brand.

This visual system allows to enhance the application of the products and facilitates the understanding of complex industrial processes. We developed new codes and channels by focusing on the end user and not the expert user.

Japanese heritage can be found in small details such as natural textures or rational and minimalist spatial elements, which give the brand a unique personality.

  • Packaging
  • Dry ice
  • trade-fair
  • Water element
  • Technique illustration
New corporate website

Our goal was to develop a modular design system that would lay the foundation for the brand across all channels.

We wanted to ensure an excellent customer experience, regardless of the point of contact between Nippon Gases and those existing or potential customers.

In addition, since Nippon Gases is a multinational industrial company, we also prioritized meeting the expectations of all stakeholders in addition to the customer, including gas retailers, distributors and operators who interact every day with Nippon Gases products and services.

We established a strategic alliance
that endures to this day.

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