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UN Women contacted us to explore new solutions and integrated approaches for transformative and systemic change that accelerate gender equality.

We accompany the United Nations - UN Women exploring and piloting new solutions that respond to problems faced by women and girls, through different projects such as the Innovation Pathways for Gender Equality, the 25th Beijing Convention and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo 2021.


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How can we promote a gender-responsive approach to the innovation process? We helped develop initiatives that advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.
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Innovation Pathways for Gender Equality

Our design process explored novel solutions and challenged existing ways of working.

Throughout the Innovation Pathways for Gender Equality project we helped UN Women promote a gender-responsive approach to the innovation process, boosting innovations created by women, for women, following innovation approaches such as co-creation, behavioural insights and design thinking.

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Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

Our objective was to laid out a bold campaign to convey gender equality.

Visual codes created sent a vibrant yet serious message, taking into account that while the world has achieved some progress, much remainds to be done. Through a variety of design works we showed how for millions of women and girls, violence and harmful practices, rooted in gender-based discrimination and patriarchal norms, take a continued toll. We developed a concept that celebrated what has been achieved, aiming high and communicating that gender equality is a right and a key to a better future.

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo 2021

We designed a space to connect, create and accelerate business ideas and growth amid COVID-19.

The main purpose of the expo was to empower women entrepreneurs by training, networking and connecting them with partners. Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo enabled women entrepreneurs from over 12 countries in Europe and Central Asia to connect with experienced companies and investors, improve their products and services, expand their sales channels and sustainably grow their business.

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  • Womens entrepreneurship- expo 2021
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More than 200 women entrepreneurs from Europe and Central Asia connected with each other and private sector partners to expand their networks.

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Together, we designed the right path to achieve gender equality and ensure that no one is left behind in Europe and Central Asia.

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